How can we align management with our innovation strategy? How can we turn every employee into an in-novation maker? Why are managers the first step in the solution? How can we prepare our managers to make this transformation a success?

Discover INNOVATION MAKERS, an original tool that builds innovative spirit and gets managers ready to take action with their teams:

  • A serious game that combines innovation strategy and hands-on management
  • A visual summary of the knowledge that drives innovation
  • Quizzes and templates to orient themselves and create their action plan

Help each of your managers to develop these skills:

  • Evaluating their place and their level of contribution in an organization that aims to be more innovative, more agile, and more collaborative
  • Understand and implement the processes, methods and know-how that drive the creation of innovative products and services
  • Take action every day within their teams and in collaboration with other teams to stimulate creativity, encourage risk-taking, guide change, and move from thinking to doing
  • Combine strategic and operational management to create an ongoing climate of innovation  

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