Our programmes to prepare, conduct and optimise this mandatory management meeting

Talent management, professional growth, employability: are you ready for a new approach to the professional review?
The professional review has been mandatory since 5 March 2014. This is an opportunity for your company to make this required meeting a significant management instrument.

Our training programmes help your managers turn their professional reviews into genuine strategic management tools benefiting employees and the company.

Our training solutions related to this theme:

Serious game: Conducting a Professional Review

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Conducting a professional review
An extensive programme to acquire and practise best practices for effective professional reviews.

E-learning: Mastering Listening Techniques

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Mastering listening
To use an appropriate listening approach with the interviewee during a review

E-learning: Setting SMART Goals

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Setting goals
To formulate goals that promote employees’ progression

E-learning: Formulating Critiques and Compliments

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To be comfortable with an employee when you want to give him/her criticism or a compliment.